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Bifold Doors

As homeowners and housebuilders seek to improve their homes and inject that elusive “wow” factor, bifold doors have only grown in popularity. Panoramic doors enable large glazed “walls” to be created, flooding interiors with natural light and bringing the outside into the home. The concertina doors’ folding and sliding design enable the entire doorway to be opened up. This seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spacing.

We source our high performance bifold doors from Selecta Systems. Selecta has developed a secure and visually stunning uPVC panoramic door system. You’ll be able to enjoy hassle free operation and maintenance. It incorporates a host of intelligently designed and precision engineered bespoke components that enable accurate, consistent and straightforward use.

Panoramic Views with Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are perfect for Cardiff homeowners looking to bring the outside inside. Thanks to their high grade uPVC construction, they have slim sightlines. Allowing the focus to be placed on the glass portion instead, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views. These folding doors could well become the next main feature of your home. Make the most of your surroundings with bifolding doors.

While you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic views, it’s not the only benefit that our bifold doors will provide. Natural light is an important feature for many homeowners. Highlighting the most of your home’s aesthetics, it can really accentuate your greatest features. With slim sightlines, our folding doors place the focus on the glass, allowing natural light to flood into the home.

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Thermally Efficient Design

With temperatures fluctuating more frequently throughout the year, thermal performance is more important now than ever. It’s for this reason that more and more homeowners are turning to uPVC for their Cardiff home. A naturally insulating material, uPVC doors, such as our bifold doors, will help to trap heat within the home during the winter months. This will help keep fluctuations to a minimum.

However, these bifold doors won’t just help during winter. While it’s true they’ll help keep you from reaching for the thermostat; better thermal efficiency also helps in summer. Folding doors will help prevent your home from becoming overheated. Keeping temperatures stable throughout the year will help you maintain a cosy and comfortable environment. With bifolding doors, you’ll be toasty no matter the season.

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Safe and Secure Folding Doors

You can never place too much emphasis on security. With thieves becoming smarter and smarter, technology has progressed to keep intruders at bay. Our bifold doors utilise the latest in locking and security to ensure your Cardiff home will be safe and protected. With multi point locking systems, your bifolding door will be secure along several points. This ensures safety for your home.

But our bifold doors offer even greater levels of security. Being made of the highest quality uPVC, our folding doors will offer a great level of impact resistance. Even the most determined of intruders will be deterred from entering the home. They are also internally beaded, preventing one more method of intrusion. Enjoy complete peace of mind for you and your family with our uPVC doors.

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Low Maintenance, Long Lasting Bifold Doors

Most homeowners are looking for a hassle free environment in their homes. Here at Centurian Windows, we feel this is the way every home should be. Our bifold doors have been carefully designed to offer your Cardiff home the very smoothest of performances. That’s why our folding doors have specially engineered gearing and hardware to glide open without stress or effort.

You won’t need to worry about a large amount of upkeep with our bifold doors either. Unlike some antiquated materials, uPVC isn’t susceptible to the effects of ageing in the same way. Our folding doors will never rot, warp or swell. As a result, you can forget about needing to varnish or clean them regularly. With just a quick wipe of the cloth, your uPVC doors will stay at their best.

Bifold Door Prices Cardiff

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